Refund / Cancellation Policy



To receive a refund, clients must notify Harmony in writing at ( 4 days before the start of their first lesson. Uncompleted lessons in a lesson package cannot be refunded, they may be held as a credit for future services.

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*In the event of catastrophic unforeseen circumstances (dog passing, major weather, death in the family) a refund may be offered.

Cancellations/reschedules for ongoing lessons must be made within 48 hours of your scheduled lesson. That lesson time was held for you and someone else was waiting for it, we respect that circumstances may require you to reschedule or cancel, we do require that you do so within 48hrs so that we have the opportunity to schedule someone else for that time. Cancellations or rescheduled appointments within 24hrs of a scheduled lesson will incur a fee of ( $25 ). Cancellations or reschedules in less than 24hrs of the scheduled lesson will be forfeit entirely. 

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Board & Train Programs:

Are to be paid in full prior to receiving a start date of the boarding. Due to the high demand of time and resources for these programs there are no refunds under any circumstance for these programs.

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Be advised we commit considerable resources to these specialized and intensive programs and we have likely turned down several other clients to hold this time for you and replacing that time is logistically challenging. Therefore we cannot offer a refund of any kind. For programs booked out more than 120 days, we have a payment schedule and refund schedule below to hold the time for your specialized Board & Train. 

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1. Eligible refund with cancellation within 90 days- 80%

2. Eligible refund with cancellation within 60 days- 50%

3. Eligible refund with cancellation within 30 days- 20%

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