Dog Training Services

Creating a calm and balanced state of mind to manage all situations and surroundings, with the foundations of basic dog obedience to behavior modification for puppies, rescue dogs, and reactive or aggressive dogs.

$100 for a one-hour Consultation that includes an evaluation of your dog and recommended programs and/or services.

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$150 per lesson for basic obedience for puppies and dogs.

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$2600 for Intensive Basic Obedience Training
2 week program; taxes are included.

We spend two weeks with your dog living, playing and learning in our training facility.

They sleep in their own kennel with their bed, if allowed. We keep you updated the whole time with videos, pictures, phone calls and text.

A 2 to 3 hour turn-over lesson helps your dog transition with their new skills.

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$650 for 5 Weeks of Basic Obedience Training
Five one-hour private lessons; add $250 for e-collar option.

Weekly private lessons designed to help your dog become balanced and well-mannered.

You and your dog will learn how to communicate, including:

•  Basic commands – sit, stay, and release

•  Defining/enforcing boundaries

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Cost $600 + tax

Develop the foundations of building a healthy balanced relationship with your K9 companion. Eligibility is restricted to puppies under 6 months old at the time of the first lesson and already in the vaccination process. This course will meet 6 times in 5 weeks, the first meeting will be an orientation and Q&A without your puppy present. The primary goal of these lessons is to develop and build healthy communication between you and your puppy that will set you both up for future success. Group size is kept small to allow for interactive and adaptive learning.

Materials needed: 

  1. 1. Collar and Leash (6ft)
  2. 2. Training treats
  3. 3. Must be two weeks from their first vaccine sequence



Tuesday 6PM -7PM OR Saturdays 11AM -NOON – the same class is taught each week so if one time does not work for you the other time slot is available to you.

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$1,500 for 8 Weeks
Eight one-hour private lessons; add $250 for e-collar.

Your first four weeks follow the basic obedience training above; weeks five through eight will be devoted to specific clients needs, including:

• Additional help with basic commands

•  Behavioral issues

•  Advanced commands

•  Desensitizing for specific locations or situations

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Bath, nail, and ear grooming as an add-on to other services.

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$30 for guided hikes with you and your pal, and other owners and dogs.

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$60 per day; short and long stays available.

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